About Us

Hi there,
we are a small family business with a passion for creating unique jewellery pieces for people who understand that the most important moments of life are filled with pure emotions and happy memories.

Every jewellery piece we craft is very special and must be uniquely matched to you, your lifestyle and how you would like to be represented.

Each piece we create we consider to be an original artwork. Every piece,no matter the price,demands the same meticulous attention to detail and time which a master artist sacrifices for a painting that represents his style and life’s work. We can design and create your dream jewellery in Gold ,Platinum or Silver.

Manufacturing is done according to your budget however, even though we are competitive we won’t compromise on quality workmanship or materials to artificially lower quotations.

We are not catering for every bargain hunter, there are big profit-driven corporations who do that already, we prefer dealing with people who value true quality and uniqueness over numbers.


So when you are ready to have your unique diamond ring or jewellery piece designed (or your old one re-designed), come visit us at our shop where we are nestled in the heart of the quaint little mining village of Cullinan, (only 60mins drive from JHB or Pretoria) and escape the noise of the cities and madness of the malls.

Our Vision

The Art of Silver embodies a unique blend of Jewellery and Art under one roof.

Custom Designed Jewellery for our Clients is our speciality and each piece is considered to be an artwork in its own right.

We design Jewellery for most precious metals including White gold, Yellow gold, Rose gold, Platinum and of course Silver. Our Gents rings also include the super hard metals Titanium, Tungsten and Damascus steel.

Contempory and Investment Artworks adorn the walls of our Gallery. Up and coming Artists and the artistic legends of yesteryear are combined to create an evocative viewing experience for Art lovers.

Spend some time at The Art of Silver and you may discover some hidden treasures.